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Board Policy 2.9

Board Policy 2.9

Drug-free Workplace Policy


The Board of Trustees of St. Clair County Community College acknowledges that the illicit use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students or by employees is detrimental not only to the health and well being of the employees and students, but is also detrimental to the discharge of their respective responsibilities. Such use, possession or dispensing of illicit drugs or abuse of alcohol is inconsistent with the College purposes of higher education and the College’s attitude toward the use of drugs or alcohol by its students and employees.

(A.) It shall be the policy of this College that there shall be no illicit use of drugs or abuse of alcohol allowed by students or employees on the College’s property or at or as a part of any institutional activity.

(B.) No employee or student shall unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use any controlled substance or abuse of alcohol while on the College property or at any institutional activity.


  1. Any employee or student who shall violate the policy as set forth above shall be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal from employment or removal from the institution.
  2. Any employee who is working in a grant program shall agree to abide by the terms of this policy and shall agree to notify the College of any criminal drug statute conviction or violation occurring on the College premises. Such notification shall be made within five (5) days after such conviction. Employees acknowledge that the College will be notifying the federal funding agency of the grant of any such actual conviction. Employees and students are advised that the College will take appropriate disciplinary action against them for violating this policy including termination of employment or exclusion from school, and may require such employee or student having been so convicted to participate in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved by a federal, state or local governmental law enforcement agency or appropriate agency. In addition, employees and students violating this policy will be advised of the counseling and/or treatment and rehabilitation programs available including those operated through the County Mental Health.
  3. It is the College’s intention by establishing this drug-free and alcohol abuse workplace requirement that all employees and students will be aware of and advised of the dangers and abuses of using illicit drugs or of abusing the use of alcohol and the College’s commitment to maintain a drug-free and an abuse of alcohol free campus.
  4. It is the intention of the College to, on an annual basis, make this policy and other information concerning the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol available to the employees and students.

Approved by Board of Trustees – July 13, 1989
Revised: May 10, 1990
Revised: November 19, 2009