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Code of Conduct and Dismissal Policy

College Housing – Code of Conduct and Dismissal Policy

St. Clair County Community College Housing maintains a healthy and safe living environment for its residents. As part of this commitment, the college has established a Student Code of Conduct for ensuring residents’ healthy and safe living. For any College Housing student who violates the Student Code of Conduct, there is a process as follows for addressing these infractions:

Coaching Conversation – low-level infractions and verbal discussion
Strike 1 – a second infraction leading to the initial phase intervention
Strike 2 – a third infraction leading to more intensive intervention
Strike 3 – a fourth infraction leading to dismissal

(See Exhibit A – Housing: Student Code of Conduct Violation Procedure)

For all infractions depending on the level of severity, the Chief of Human Resources or designee reserves the right to waive the Coaching Conversation, Strike 1, Strike 2, and proceed to Strike 3 immediately.

In those rare instances, where a student has been dismissed from housing, he or she will no longer be able to come as a guest to the College Housing building known as The Dock. This includes, but is not limited to, the current year he or she may have been dismissed, as well as, subsequent years in the future indefinitely. St. Clair County Community College views its College Housing as a privilege and residents are expected to be held to a higher standard of healthy and safe living which impacts all residents. This does not impact the student from attending the College or other buildings on campus. The student is only prohibited from entering the College Housing facility.

In the event that a current or former student who has been dismissed wishes to either re-apply to be considered to live in housing again or come as a guest to College Housing after a dismissal, he or she must make a formal appeal in writing to the Manager of College Housing and send this to:

Upon receipt of this appeal, the Housing Committee shall review the appeal and decide the outcome.

The Housing Committee members consist of the Residence Life and Conduct Manager, Student Wellness Manager, Manager of College Housing and the Chief of Human Resources (as deemed appropriate by the College). The outcome of the committee decision may include the following:

  1. Denial of the student’s request
  2. Approval of the student’s request
  3. Request for more information from the student which may include a personal interview and/or additional written documentation at the discretion of the Housing Committee.

The decision of the Housing Committee is final with no further appeal process.

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