Class attendance

Class attendance policies are established by each individual instructor and are presented to each student on the course syllabus within the first week of class. Punctuality and regular attendance are necessary if the student is to receive maximum benefit from courses enrolled. The responsibility for lecture and scheduled laboratory attendance rests solely with the student.

When work has been affected by unexcused absences or tardiness, penalties may be imposed at the discretion of the individual instructor. As a matter of courtesy, students should explain the reason for absence to their instructors. When possible, this should be done in advance.

If a student stops attending class and does not officially withdraw from the class, or does not make arrangements with the instructor for an “I” incomplete grade (restrictions apply), the instructor has no choice but to issue a final grade of “E” for the class. Students are cautioned to remember that failing grades and course withdrawals may affect current and future financial aid eligibility.