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Capac Community Schools and SC4 Collaborate to Encourage Post High School Education

Capac Community Schools and SC4 are working together to eliminate a step to enroll at SC4. High School seniors will automatically be admitted to SC4 without needing to complete a college application. Eliminating the application step for high school graduates streamlines the transition from high school to college including encouraging early access to scholarships, advising, and college services.

Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2024, student data from Capac Community Schools will be entered into the SC4 data system to permit students to activate an SC4 account and immediately begin enrollment steps for the Fall 2024 college semester.

“SC4 provides a great learning opportunity to people in our community. I began my own college journey at SC4 first attending dual enrollment classes as a high school senior, and then my freshman year of college. The classes I took at SC4 gave me a great foundation to build on as I continued my higher learning path,” said Amy Nelson, Capac Community Schools Superintendent.

“SC4 and Capac Community Schools have collaborated to create a seamless path for all students to have access to higher education. Every student is deserving of the chance to succeed and the commitment of Capac Community Schools and SC4 is a positive example of public education working together for families and students,” said Kirk Kramer, President of SC4.

A letter of introduction and explanation of benefits will be sent to graduates in early May with a follow-up letter on how to activate the SC4 account in the middle of May. Students interested in enrolling at SC4 may contact

The program of automatic admission to SC4 is at no cost to students or the school. Students are not required to enroll. The program includes all students graduating from Capac Community Schools.

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