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Challenger Learning Center at SC4 announces two open Mission: Lunar Quest summer dates

Challenger Learning Center at St. Clair County Community College (SC4) will launch visitors to the moon with Mission: Lunar Quest at 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 30, and Saturday, Aug. 27. The open mission dates are each limited to the first 35 registrants, and seats on the mission are $25 per person.  

Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is the only Center of its kind in Michigan and one of 40 Challenger Learning Centers nationwide and around the world. It is a fully immersive, space-themed experience aimed at deepening understanding and appreciation of STEM careers and topics and building critical 21st-century skills. It offers unique learning and team-building opportunities for students, educators, corporations and community residents.

“We know that many people are looking for fun and unique things to do in the summer months with their families, friends, community groups, scout troops, office and sports teams, and more,” said Kristin Copenhaver, vice president of communication and special projects. “These open mission dates will offer greater access to exciting Challenger Learning Center experiences.”

Mission participants will launch to the moon in search of a long-term human habitat, and command and assist in Mission Control, or board the Spacecraft as an astronaut, serving on teams like biology, geology, weather, robotics, life support and more. They will help deploy a Lunar Exploration Rover to investigate areas of the lunar surface and make critical decisions to turn a potential catastrophe into NASA’s finest hour.

Challenger Center was founded in 1986 in the aftermath of the Challenger shuttle tragedy. The families of the crew came together and created Challenger Center to carry on the spirit of their loved ones and continue the Challenger crew’s educational mission. Challenger Center, with its network of Challenger Learning Centers and digital programs, has reached more than 5.5 million students and learners worldwide.

Register for the July 30 and Aug. 27 missions at or contact us with questions at or (810) 989-5789.

To schedule a full group mission at another time, visit