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Comments about SC4 during the COVID-19 situation

SC4 is an amazing place to learn and work. Even in the face of an event unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, there’s been so much positivity and support from students, faculty and staff. Here’s just a sample of positive comments that might bring a smile to your face today:

  • “Thank you for being so dedicated to your students. During this time of uncharted waters for all of us, I wanted you to know that you are appreciated for all the work you are doing behind the scenes to create progressive and positive changes for the success of each of us on our academic journey.” – SC4 Student
  • “Thanks for sending that email to all students. Great info!!” – SC4 Faculty
  • “I just did my first student appointment using Microsoft Teams and it worked great! The student was super nice and understanding of the technical difficulties at first; once we got that figured out, it worked great.” – SC4 Staff
  • “I wanted to take a second to tell you how much I appreciate the updates, the constant flow of information, the smooth and cooperative work we are accomplishing. This is why I love SC4 so much. We are a family. When times are tough, we come together and work it out. We have done some truly amazing things in a week.” – SC4 Faculty
  • “I really want to learn, it this been my favorite class so far in my degree. Thank you to the IT Team for making it possible to keep going!” – SC4 Student
  • “Thanks for sending this out… so important! I requested each of my students contact me and let me know how they were preparing and tell me how they were doing. Surprisingly 86 out of 90 responded within 12 hours and I reached out to the other four and they all answered quickly. By and large they are thanking us for the work we are doing to help them finish the semester. Thanks for all your encouraging e-mails – I feel SC4 has our back!” – SC4 Faculty
  • “The student expressed her appreciation for all of us still working hard to help our students be ready for the next semester. I thought that was nice to hear; through this “rough” transition of working from home students are understanding that it isn’t easy and are appreciative of our help!” – SC4 Staff
  • “Change is necessary right now. The additional workload that you have encountered through this shows your dedication to the success of our college and its student body. I for one trust your guidance and feel less worried knowing you have my back. Thank you! See you all on the flip side of this craziness.” – SC4 Student
  • “Many thanks to our academic leads and secretaries, IT and Help desks, for all you’re doing to make this situation as ‘easy’ as it can be given the circumstances!” – SC4 Faculty
  • “Got it! Had to configure my drivers. Thanks for the heads up. Good class today!” – SC4 Student
  • “Nothing is too big for SC4! We’ve got this!” – SC4 Faculty

It’s inspiring to see how the entire SC4 community is working together and making progress. Thanks again for your efforts.

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