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Former Middle College student will now focus on helping others prepare for college

Vaughn Springer

Vaughn Springer is excited about the bachelor’s degree in professional writing she is finishing this summer at Michigan State University, and the doors it could open in her future.

But before she goes down that road, the former Blue Water Middle College student will be taking on a bit of a passion project. Springer joined the MSU College Advising Corps, and will work as a college advisor at Lakeview and Montabella high schools for the next two years.

“I went to Port Huron High School, and had a college advisor (Sarah Kucemba) there who helped me a lot,” Springer said. “I was still in contact with her and told her this is something I’d be really interested in doing — helping people. I really love to help people.”

Springer, who graduated in 2014 from Port Huron, said the process to become a college advisor was a long one, but one she feels will be worth it.

With her professional writing degree, Springer said she could have several career alternatives writing in a digital environment. She also hasn’t ruled out her advising role leading to a career in that field.

As a Middle College student at St. Clair County Community College, Springer tried out multiple classes in search of a major. Fortunately for her, while she didn’t settle on one in her two years, nearly all of the credits she accumulated transferred to Michigan State. Thanks to taking classes through the Middle College, she earned all of those credits for free.

“Almost everything in the basics was covered by SC4 credits,” she said. “I calculated all of it and I saved like $32,000 between tuition and everything else. I would have had to pay for a meal plan, room and board, all my classes.”

The Middle College is a three-year program, encompassing a student’s final two years of high school and one year of college. However, Springer felt she was ready to move on after two years, and said she received plenty of help from Middle College and SC4 representatives. Three years later, she was walking in MSU’s commencement ceremony.

“It totally depends on everything going on in your life,” Springer said. “It worked out really well for me. I have friends who came the next year (to MSU) who completed their third year at the Middle College. It’s worth it to save the money, and if you’re not ready to go away, it’s worth it for that, too.”

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