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SC4 a transformative experience for world-traveling alumna nurse

Grace Titus says the degree in nursing she received from St. Clair County Community College has been life changing.

The Port Huron Northern High School graduate never dreamed it would take her to far-off places like Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

Titus, 32, lives in Chicago where she is currently training for a career in air medical/flight nursing.

“I decided to go into nursing in 2006 because I wanted to help others and learn about the human condition and the world,” she said. “I come from a family that values serving our community, and I knew I wanted to give back. From a practical standpoint, I needed an affordable educational option that would enable me to enter the workforce quickly. SC4 offered both the time frame and the affordability I was looking for.

“On the first day of school I fell in love with nursing, and for 11 years now I have worked and volunteered in many areas, anywhere from pediatrics to adult trauma. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel around the U.S. and also to places like Guatemala, Tanzania and Lebanon.”

Titus graduated from SC4 in 2008 with an associate degree in nursing (ADN) and went on to earn her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan. She also earned a diploma in tropical nursing from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in England.

She said she was attracted by SC4’s size, affordability and reputation for providing excellent education.

“The price and the time frame were huge advantages, but the biggest asset I gained was the quality of education I received,” Titus said. “My nursing education at SC4 prepared me for what it’s really like to be a nurse. I also benefited from the smaller class sizes because I got to know my professors very well. One even generously nominated me for a scholarship. I have always been grateful for that. I’m also still friends with some of my classmates to this very day.”

Armed with her nursing degree, Titus has been able to assist in providing medical services across the globe.

“My degree allowed me to serve in the Peace Corps in Jamaica, participate in medical missions in Guatemala and Tanzania, and work with Doctors Without Borders on the Lebanon/Syria border,” Titus said. “I have had the honor to work in both adult and pediatric critical care and have been fortunate enough to work in facilities like the University of Michigan Hospital.”

Titus added she’s not sure where she would be today if she had taken a different path.

“If it were not for SC4’s accelerated and high-quality degree, I truly do not believe I would be in the place I am now,” Titus said. “My career has been an incredible adventure, and I can honestly say I truly love what I do.”

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