SC4 College Housing to host Open House June 16

St. Clair County Community College is hosting an Open House for students interested in learning more about living in SC4’s housing facility. The event welcomes current high school seniors and their parents, student athletes, international students and all other students considering attending SC4.

SC4’s College Housing facility, referred to as “The Dock,” is located in downtown Port Huron at 514 Huron Avenue. Join us from 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday, June 16, at the Open House event to tour the facility, ask questions and learn more about housing and campus.

SC4’s residence hall offers fully furnished units and provides up to 80 students with easy access to campus and downtown Port Huron.

Living in housing offers students an affordable, safe option that provides countless benefits including, access to campus for academic support, free gym access, campus events, clubs and organizations, the local area’s entertainment, dining, recreation activities and potential employment opportunities.

Rooms are double-occupancy suite-style and include an XL extended-length twin bed, furniture, private bathroom, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, heating and air conditioning. Shared spaces include a communal kitchen, student lounge, laundry facilities and parking. Limited single occupancy and triple occupancy rooms arrangements also are available.

SC4 is the first community college in southeastern Michigan to offer student housing. Statewide, only seven of the 28 community colleges have on-campus housing available. It’s a great way for students to have a full college experience.

More information about housing can be found at

Successful boutique law firm owner thankful for SC4 start

Successful law firm owner, venture capitalist, community volunteer and advocate, and St. Clair County Community College (SC4) alumnus Gerry Mason has made his mark in Michigan. 

Mason owns a boutique law firm and practices law throughout Michigan, often in joint ventures with significant law firms. He is also active in the areas of private equity investment, small business, venture capital, renewable energy and technology. He’s worked as a City of Detroit Recorder’s Court Law Clerk, as a Macomb County Law Clerk for the Hon. Pat M. Donofrio, and served as a Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Crawford, Roscommon and Macomb Counties. 

He’s a member of St. Clair Rotary Club (Past President); Salvation Army Advisory Board Vice Chairman; St. Clair Police Foundation Vice Chairman; State Bar of Michigan Representative Assembly Vice Chairman; State Bar of Michigan Board of Commissioners Member; American Battery Technology Company Advisory Board Member; Voise Inc. Advisory Board Member—and much more.

His many accomplishments are the result of hard work, commitment and dedication to his goals and community. They also help highlight the critical role community colleges like SC4 can play in the educational journey of Michigan residents.

When Mason graduated from St. Clair High School in 1986, he initially enrolled at Michigan Technological University to be a geological engineer.

“I was not ready for a big university,” Mason said. “My dad thought that I should be an attorney and do political science as an undergraduate degree. My friends were at SC4 so I could get a ride. My mom took me to SC4 and enrolled me. Everyone at SC4 was warm and helpful. I loved it. It was college.”

While at SC4 from 1986-1988, Mason participated in student government. He also fully engaged in the classroom and benefitted from great professors and mentors.

“SC4 had excellent professors who cared about their students,” he said. “Harley Smith was great. He taught political science but never showed his views or any bias. He was always totally objective. Virginia Pillsbury taught German, but really she was teaching life. Haddock Snyder taught physics. Professor Snyder had tons of energy and made science fun. Calculus Professor Joe Delisa and I used to eat lunch together. I made friends with other professors like Bob Tansky. Great people.”

Mason transferred from SC4 to the University of Michigan on the advice of SC4 Professor Pillsbury. “All of my credits transferred, saving me $22,000 at that time,” Mason said.

He enrolled in the U-M College of Literature, Science and Art, majoring in political science and minoring in German, Russian and natural science. While there, Mason studied China under Professor Kenneth Lieberthal and spent a semester in the former Soviet Union. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 1991 and then went on to enroll in law school at the Detroit College of Law, which became Michigan State University College of Law.

At MSU, Mason served as President of Student Government and Executive Lt. Governor of the American Bar Association, and graduated as Class President. According to Mason, law school challenged him in new ways.

“Law school was hard, fast and intense,” said Mason, who earned a juris doctorate in 1998. “You drank from a fire hose. A law degree teaches you how to think, and organize your oral and written arguments. I felt ready to take it on, though, thanks to the foundation I received at SC4, which made college fun, challenging and attainable.”

The college football, blues music and exercise fan has been putting his well-crafted thoughts to use and taking action ever since—and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“I’d like to do more by way of venture capital/private equity collaborations as well as continue charity and community work,” Mason said. “I really want to give back to the practice of law, and I will continue to be an advocate for community colleges like SC4. SC4 gave me a great start to life that I could build upon. Academia can be elitist and exclusive. SC4 offers every student the opportunity to be more than they are and all that they hoped to be by laying the foundation for future opportunities.”

New study shows SC4’s economic impact on students, taxpayers and society

More 2022 Commencement images

St. Clair County Community College (SC4) provides enormous economic value to St. Clair County and the surrounding area, generating more than $137 million in total economic impact.

The figure is among key findings of a newly released study by the nationally recognized economic research firm Emsi Burning Glass, which uses labor market statistics to measure the social as well as the economic impact of the community college in the region.

The study shows a high rate of return on investment for students, taxpayers and society. 

Students enjoy a 14.5 percent rate of return on their educational investment at SC4. For every $1 students invest, they’ll receive $3.80 in higher future earnings than their non-degree holding peers.

Taxpayers receive a high rate of return on their investment as well. State and local funding of $18.9 million in the study year generated $35.6 million in total benefits through added public sector revenue and savings derived through improved alumni salaries and lifestyles. This means for every tax dollar spent educating students attending SC4, taxpayers receive an average of $2.00 in return over the course of the students’ working lives—an annual rate of return of 4.3 percent.

Society invested $48.4 million in SC4 in FY 2020-21. This includes the college’s expenditures, student expenses, and student opportunity costs. In return, the state of Michigan will receive an estimated present value of $417 million in added state revenue over the course of the students’ working lives.

Michigan will also benefit from an estimated $9.5 million in present value social savings related to reduced crime, lower welfare and unemployment, and increased health and well-being across the state. Every dollar society invests in SC4 yields an average of $8.80 in benefits to society.

“The college naturally helps students achieve their individual potential and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to have fulfilling and prosperous careers,” the report states. “However, SC4 impacts St. Clair County beyond influencing the lives of students. The college’s program offerings supply employers with workers to make their businesses more productive. The college, its day-to-day operations, its construction activities, and the expenditures of its students support the county economy through the output and employment generated by county vendors. The benefits created by the college extend as far as the state treasury in terms of the increased tax receipts and decreased public sector costs generated by students across the state.”

The study showed that in FY 2020-21, operations, construction and student spending of SC4, together with the enhanced productivity of its alumni, generated $137.7 million in added income for the St. Clair County economy— equal to approximately 2.3 percent of the total gross regional product (GRP) of St. Clair County. 2,041 jobs exist in the county because of the economic impact of SC4.

SC4 students, both drawn to and retained in the area because of the college, added $855,200 to the regional economy. The impact of SC4 alumni, including thousands employed in St. Clair County, amounted to $112.9 million in added income for the St. Clair County economy.

Michigan’s community colleges enroll nearly the same amount of students as Michigan’s public four-year colleges and universities. Historically, community colleges such as SC4 offer more affordable tuition, quality programs, enhanced personalized attention and support, flexible options and seamless transfer pathways.

SC4 alumni honor parents, support future generations with scholarships and grants

St. Clair County Community College (SC4) alumni Martha Foley and Dan Fredendall recently created the Therese A. Foley Student Assistance Fund and the Eileen M. and Lawrence D. Fredendall Scholarship Fund—as well as provided grants for the Challenger Learning Center at SC4 and other student support initiatives—to honor the lives and legacies of their parents.

“They were all such strong, selfless and caring role models,” said Martha, who met Dan at SC4 before they both transferred to Michigan State University. “They were committed to advancing the well-being of others within the Blue Water area. These scholarships and grants honor their work and ‘pay-it-forward’ commitment to others.”

Martha’s mother, Therese, was the youngest of 11 children from the east side of Detroit, who became a devoted mother of six, a registered nurse, and an environmental and public health activist, finishing her career as a clinical nursing instructor at SC4. Her father, Maurice was altruistic and driven, attended Assumption College in Windsor, Ontario after high school, served in the Navy during WWII, then finished his bachelor’s degree from Assumption after the war. After early jobs in the Fenton area, Maurice started working as a teacher. He taught middle school mathematics in Detroit and Port Huron schools for almost 35 years, served as supervisor of Fort Gratiot Township for eight years in the 1980s, and was active in the Society of St Vincent de Paul for decades.

Eileen Fredendall, born in Port Huron, was a committed mother of nine, a registered nurse and a community volunteer. Dan’s father, Lawrence, came to Port Huron from Iowa after high school. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and was the first in his family line to go to college. After marrying Eileen, he earned an associate degree from Port Huron Junior College (SC4) under the GI Bill while working full time. An entrepreneur, Lawrence owned or managed a variety of businesses and finished his career with Serve-All Appliance. He was most proud of his work with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, including revitalizing the stores in the greater metro Detroit area, and was instrumental in launching the Blue Water Community Food Depot.

Their parents had similar backgrounds and experiences and, unbeknownst to Martha and Dan, they knew each other before Martha and Dan met. Both mothers attended three-year, hospital-based nursing degree programs as United States Cadet Nurse Corps, finishing just after WWII ended. Their fathers were both involved at their parish churches in community outreach and knew each other through their work with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

“They all poured themselves out to others,” Dan said. “Whether that was in the hospital, the classroom, taking someone into their home, or in the community, they gave others the best of themselves, even when it may have been difficult. There was always someone else who needed more and they helped provide it.”

By creating these scholarships and grants through the SC4 Foundation held at the Community Foundation of St. Clair County, Martha and Dan are following in their parents’ footsteps and encouraging future generations to do the same. They both recognize that community college is an important bridge for many students to make the transition between high school graduation and success in a bachelor’s degree at the university level, particularly for a first-generation college student.

The Therese A. Foley Student Assistance Fund and the Eileen M. and Lawrence D. Fredendall Scholarship Fund will be awarded in perpetuity to SC4 students pursuing nursing or a STEM-related program. The grants will support access to missions at the Challenger Learning Center at SC4 as well as potential tuition assistance for disadvantaged students, Skip’s Corner Pantry support, ad hoc student assistance for one-time unanticipated events or housing support.

“We are beyond grateful to Martha and Dan for their generous support,” said Dr. Deborah A. Snyder, SC4 president. “It’s clear Martha and Dan’s parents were incredible individuals and role models for their families and communities. Thanks to their parents’ example, they are now doing the same for a whole new generation of students. The impact of their parents’ lives and work will continue to be felt for years to come.”

Community Foundation Vice President Jackie Hanton added, “Martha and Dan were thoughtful and impact-driven with their major gift. They were able to make a bigger impact on future students because they gifted stock. When appreciated stock is gifted, the donors do not have to pay capital gains tax. It is truly a win-win that will have lasting implications in the lives of so many future students.”

Dan and Martha recently visited SC4’s campus and reflected on their and Therese’s time there.

“That’s the first time we’ve been back to campus in a long time,” Martha said. “Back when Therese taught Nursing at the College, they learned by way of practicing on each other. She would be astonished and thrilled to see the technology and spaces in the Health Sciences Building. It’s an impressive facility.”

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at or (810) 989-5530.

College celebrates 64th edition of Michigan’s longest-running, student-led literary and arts magazine

St. Clair County Community College students were recognized for their work in the 64th edition of Patterns magazine, Michigan’s oldest literary and arts publication aimed at showcasing student writing talent and works of art.

Patterns is designed, proofed and published by SC4 students. Brandi Schmitz was the graphic designer for this edition, while faculty members Sarah Flatter, Jim Frank and Gary Schmitz provided direction and support to students.

Patterns is an opportunity to celebrate being creative and to recognize the unique talents of our next generation of artists,” said Flatter, professor of fine arts and graphic design at the college. “We congratulate all of those who contributed to the 64th edition of Patterns and honor their success while at SC4.”

The following students received awards:


  • Eleanor Mathews Award, writing — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett
  • Blanche Redman Award, poetry — Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township, for Is Everyone Okay?
  • Second-place poem — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett, for Vines
  • Third-place poem — Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township, for In a Single Moment
  • Kathleen Nickerson Award, essay — Max Kenny, of Fort Gratiot, for Nuclear Energy
  • Second-place essay — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett, for The Boy with Chocolate Curls
  • Third-place essay — Amanda Hurst, of Marine City, for Equality for All or Only for Some
  • Richard Colwell Award, short story — Gracie Graber, of Wales Township, for One Last Ride
  • Second-place short story — Maya Taylor, of Port Huron, for Mary de la Rosa and Mrs. Little
  • Third-place short story — Madison Mattox, of St. Clair, for Burning Fire


  • Patrick Bourke Award, art — Katsiaryna Trapashka, of Port Huron
  • First-place visual art — Cass Gordon, of Snover, for Dragon Fossil
  • Second-place visual art — Bryce Hurd, of Fort Gratiot, for Untitled
  • Third-place visual art — Katsiaryna Trapashka, of Port Huron, for The Intertwining of Time

Merit awards also were provided to students for having their work chosen for inclusion in Patterns:

Literary Selection of Merit

  • Makenzie Beauchamp, of Port Huron
  • Luke Eitniear, of St. Clair
  • Gracie Graber, of Wales Township
  • Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township
  • Breanna Sylvia, of Port Huron
  • Grace Woytta, of St. Clair

Arts Selection of Merit

  • Emerald Anderson, of Imlay City
  • Courtney Angebrandt, of Peck
  • Lauren Cooney, of Kimball Township
  • Acadia DeNault, of St. Clair
  • Isabella Perry, of Capac
  • JR McPhail, of Port Huron
  • Grace McCarthy, of Capac
  • Elaina Penn, of Port Huron
  • Brandi Schmitz, of St. Clair
  • Tessa Weingartz, of Imlay City
  • Phillip Winterbauer, of St. Clair

Production of Patterns is made possible by the financial support from St. Clair County Community College and SC4 Friends of the Arts. Copies of Patterns are available in Room 10, SC4 Fine Arts Building, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday or by calling (810) 989-5709. A digital copy is available to view and download at

SC4 students earn degrees, certificates

St. Clair County Community College’s 98th Commencement ceremony Friday, May 6, honored graduating students in numerous associate degree and certificate programs.

More than 400 students eligible to graduate from the current academic year, as well as 1,470 previous graduates who finished during the pandemic were invited to participate in the ceremony.

SC4 students earned one-year certificates and associate degrees in arts, business, science, general education, and applied arts and sciences. The official Commencement program with a complete list of student names, certificates, degrees and honors is available at

Links to photo galleries and a video of the ceremony are available at

Candidates for graduation for winter and summer 2022 semesters, ordered by hometown:

ALGONAC — Hannah Carithers, Cassidy Gordon, Raven Gunnells, Miles Hojnacki, Jasmina Jovanovska-Spence, Ciara Lane, Rachel Metcalf, Taylor Myers, Madelynn Saddler, Jonathan Saums and Lexi Wagner.

ALLENDALE — Alicia Munro.

ALLENTON — Emma Horetski.

ALMONT — Maria Bussone, Ashley Kraft, Holly Meno and Timothy Wolf.

ANN ARBOR — Kallie Albert.

ARMADA — Kayla Campis and Nicole Sawitzky.

ATTICA — Ashley Vissotski.

AVOCA — Russell Keuning, Sarah Koch, Julia McMillin, Nicholas Preston, Kyle Stapleton, Katherine Stevenson, Ashley Wescott and Craig Wilder.

BERLIN TOWNSHIP — Olivia McCarroll and Ashley Wampfler.


BROWN CITY — Breydon Andrez, Benjamin Garcia, Joseph Gingell, Chealse Miller and Tiffany Paschke.

BURTCHVILLE TOWNSHIP — Alison Lacey, Tyler Maxfield and Bethany Pomaville.

CAPAC — Ashlynn Fistler, Samantha King, Nicole Marabate, Grace McCarthy, Alyssa Orlando and Ava Vancil.


CASCO TOWNSHIP — Alexis Jarvis and Alyssa Pollauf.

CASS CITY — Angela Bryant.

CHESTERFIELD — Mical Bey-Shelley, Giovanni Coletti and Ashley Howard.

CHINA TOWNSHIP — Haley Rittenhouse and Brooke Volkman.

CLAY TOWNSHIP — Sarah Borunda, Riley Brandt, Abigail Folkerts, Katie Gabriel, Alicia Jarvi, Marianne Karos and Percy Ziolkowski.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Amanda Bruce, Natalie Conley and Alicia Urben.

CLYDE TOWNSHIP — Brennan Ainsworth, Cameron Barlass, Alexa Bramer, Molly Hillis, Aiden Horn, Jordan Kelly, Katie Marcero, Gavin Schwentor and Riley Soulliere.


COLUMBUS TOWNSHIP — John Gross, Paul Jones, Dean Kalebjian, Logan Kessinger, Anna Roland, Carrie Rush and Kevin Zoeplitz.

COTTRELLVILLE TOWNSHIP — Kelly Bonam and Karleigh Mistretta.

CROSWELL — Susan Cornwell, Julia Krawczyk and Carla Reimel.

DAVISON — Darrell Washington.

DECKERVILLE — Timothy Rich.

DETROIT — Cameron Hudson.

EAST CHINA TOWNSHIP — Tristen Anglin, Zachary Burt, Jessica Hopkins, Amy Jabe, Olivia Jovanovich, Mary Langell, Molly Metheny, Karly Scharf and Lacey Tite.

EMMETT — Mark Donnellon, Kathryn Lozowski, Justus McCall, Alexandra Moran, Austin Snider and Sabrina Wicker.

FAIR HAVEN — Zachary Bral, Trevor Buza and Isabella Kawalec.

FORT GRATIOT — Halie Bearden, Alissa Bonney, Lydia Bonney, Brooke Booth, Tianna Boyd-Cleaver, Alexzandra Carr, Matthew Cronce, Emma Farnsworth, Abbigayle Haskell, Kevin Hilliker, Keenon Huss, Larissa John, Ethan Kane, Maxwell Kenny, Zoe Klink, Sean Kreda, Kiera McNeill, Kobi Moretz, James Phillips, Alexandra Platzer, MacKenzie Schott, Kassandra Sepsey, Kelleigh Shanahan, Lily Sharkey, Alisa Shudell, Lawrence Skotzke, Nicholas Stalker, Joshua Staples, Sophia Vani, Devin Walker, Ian Wilson and Luke Zeller.

GOODELLS — Christina Cooper, Tracy Lepak, Mya Lounsberry, Tara Peters and Rachel Walch.

HARBOR BEACH — Gina Ahrens, Camryn Booms, Brady Kirsch and Rebecca Roggenbuck.

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — Samuel Delisi, Jenna Eskelinen and Jenna Eskelinen.

IMLAY CITY — Jade Anderson.

IRA TOWNSHIP — Jennifer Darga.

JEDDO — Lily Connelly, Ciara Heckendorn, Donovan Paldanius and Cory Vanbuskirk.

KALAMAZOO — Stephanie Moravcik.

KENOCKEE TOWNSHIP — Brooke Thompson.

KIMBALL TOWNSHIP — Jacob Armstrong, Kaylyn Ashbaugh, Dominic Atkins, Cameron Colgan, Lauren Cooney, Averie Dunn, Ethan Dunsmore, Kyle Frizzle, Jackie Gibbs, Katie Gossman, Jessica Justice, Tara Lukasik-Blount, Brynn Meadows, Tyler Nunez, Nadine Ritchey, Lauryn Roff, Olivia Rousey, Beth Seibert, Kaitlyn Szukala, Max Thoennes, Robin Tomaschko, Amber Whitefield and Paige Zimmerman.

KINCHELOE — Logan Kessinger.

LAKEPORT — Asmara Miron and Daniel Rich.

LAPEER — Stacy Baldwin, Alexis Crenshaw, Rebecca Jar and Jessica Starr.

LEONARD — Carolynne Mole.

LEXINGTON — Brooke Albrecht, Brandon Barr, Alesha Hibbs and Cody Paris.

MACOMB — Jacob Horvath.

MARINE CITY — Victoria Beauvais, Melanie Carlson, Emily Casadei, Nicole Degasperis, Lydia Fowler, Chelsea Frost, Amanda Hurst, Karl Kozfkay, Heather Swearingen and Alyssa Westrick.

MARYSVILLE — Nichole Burgess, Michael Cowhy, Emily Dodson, Kaci Ferguson, James Fogal, Alicia Hall, Jennifer Harvey, Chantel Hilgendorf, Darren Hoxsey, Jenna Hude, Danielle Kettlewell, Heather Krawczyk, Krysta Krawczyk, Loretta Latimer, Luke Mosher, Kasie Mosurak, Andrea Peters, Paige Raymo, Aaron Rogers, Drew Saunders, Troy Walcott, Emily Westrick and Sean Wolfinger.

MELVIN — Hailey Chisholm.

MEMPHIS — Jordyn Malinowski, Mira Passalacqua, Isabella Quesnelle, Erica Syck and Gracie Walsh.

MUSSEY TOWNSHIP — Ryann Ramirez and Brianna Robberstad.

NEW BALTIMORE — Casondra Sumpter.

NEW HAVEN — Latonya Harmon and Lacrisa Jackson.

NORTH BRANCH — Katrina Guldi.

NORTH STREET — Destiny Harrison, Heather Jacobs, Kayley Lambert and Joseph Marcero.

ORTONVILLE — Natasha Krivak.

PEARL BEACH — Shayla Avers.

PECK — Courtney Angebrandt.

PORT HURON — Sydney Anger, Maleiah Banks, Brook Bauman, MacKenzie Beauchamp, Matthew Beebe, Danielle Bower, Lillian Caldwell, Ryan Churchill, Asia Cooper, Noel Cosby, Kylee Crane, Morgan Crigger, Monea Cureton, Di’mond Davis, Cristina De Gregory, Andrew Dietz, Amara DiTrapani, Elaina DiTrapani, Shylah Drouillard, Megan Drummond, Rachel Dubs, Courtney Ehrler, Courtney Fair, Jacob Frantz, Morgan Fulgenti, Jenna Fye, Jose Ganhs, Daniel Gore, Kaitlin Green, Avery Greene, Madison Greer, Michael Grove, Brooke Haggerty, Jessica Harmon-Franz, Kennedy Harrell, AnaLisa Harrington, Samantha Herman, Jenna Holzberger, Chandelle Howard, Paul Jacobs, Chaise Jawor, Allison Jones, Marc Jones, Logan Kellerman, Elaina Kocis, Toni Lasher, Somer Laubert, Amy Leach, Amanda Lemon, Skylar Lewandowski, Mikayla Madley, Kayleen McComas, Nelle McDonald, Linsay McLain, Laura McNeill, JR McPhail, Diamond Meadows, Brent Mitchell, Caleb Nevison, Logan Nichols, Amanda Nunez, Mari Olvera, Elaina Penn, Ethan Poor, Brandon Purcell, Paige Ringer, Nicholle Rose, David Roy, Hannah Sagash, Enesa Salihovic, Violet Sanchez, Sean Sapienza, Andre Sasser, Lauren Schoof, Athena Schrader, Helena Schrader, Conner Smith, Diann Smith, Hailey Stark, Skyler Streeter Fye, Makhia Tremble, Jennifer Tucker, Andrew Tyburskie, Zoey Vos, Kaley Wagner, Steven Webster, Avery Westbrook, Payton Westbrook, Thomaya White, Kaitlyn Willis, Tayler Willis, Julia Wing, Donna Wolven and Grace Wurmlinger.


PORT SANILAC — Samantha Coon.

RICHMOND — Renee DuVall, Regina Long and Camille Schafer.

RILEY TOWNSHIP — Shelby Enders and Chelsea Szyska.

ROMEO — Naomi Amey and Alivia Cameron,

RUBY — Sarah Kovacs and Sara Pilgrim.

RUTH — Tori Stein.

SAINT JOHNS — Cody Wood.

SANDUSKY — Olivia Bracken and Kailey Schomaker.

SNOVER — Samuel Gordon and Elizabeth Minard.

ST. CLAIR — Brennen Buckley, Samantha Dodson, Shelby Eveland, Zacchaeus Gilbert, Nathan Hartman, Luke Heid, Lydia Hiller, Dakota Holka, Stephanie Jandron, Emily Jurkiewicz, Megan Kammer, Sarah Kehoe, Makayla Kolakovich, Quain Korth, Emma Labeau, James Majeski, John Majeski, Chloe Mills, Katelynn Paynter, Ella Potthoff, Sydney Raymo, Kevin Rogers, Elizabeth Rylander, Drew Saunders, Danielle Sikora, Wyatt Stimac, Casey Verbeke, Brittany Watts and Heather Woodman.

ST. CLAIR SHORES — Sierra Ganhs and Jake Myers.


UTICA — Sarah Miller.

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO — Stephen Phillips.

WARREN — Janae Smith and Jewel Smith.

YALE — Brooke Edgerton, Julia Hendershot-Reno, Olivia Iseler, Trenton Petersen, Chad Plenda, Carleigh Randolph, Cindy Starks and Donyele Watson.

New SC4, Wayne State partnership helps future engineers save time and money 

A new partnership between St. Clair County Community College (SC4) and Wayne State University will provide SC4 students with a seamless transfer pathway to Wayne State’s College of Engineering, strengthening the commitment of both institutions to prepare future leaders and innovators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for high tech, high skilled jobs.   

Students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State in the following programs can now earn the majority of their core engineering courses as well as the bulk of their general education courses at SC4 before transferring on to Wayne State, where they must complete a minimum of 30 credits toward their degree.  

  • Biomedical engineering 
  • Chemical engineering 
  • Civil engineering 
  • Electrical/electronic engineering 
  • Industrial engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering  
  • Information technology 
  • Computer science  
  • Electrical/electronic engineering technology  
  • Electromechanical engineering technology  
  • Mechanical engineering technology  
  • Welding and metallurgical engineering technology   

SC4 students also can earn an Associate of Science degree along the way. 

The future-focused partnership comes as SC4 launches its STEM-based Challenger Learning Center in collaboration with Challenger Center and Unity in Learning, which consists of the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Leslie Science & Nature Center, Yankee Air Museum and SC4.  

Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is the only Center of its kind in Michigan and one of 40 Challenger Learning Centers nationwide and around the world. It is a fully immersive, space-themed, STEM experience aimed at deepening understanding and appreciation of STEM careers and topics and building critical 21st-century skills. It offers fun and unique learning and team-building opportunities for students, educators, corporations and community residents. 

“We know many SC4 students transfer on to earn four-year degrees and have gone on to lead in cutting-edge industries, but too many others lose interest in crucial STEM subjects or encounter barriers along the way,” said Dr. Deborah A. Snyder, SC4 president. “We can do more to inspire, educate and prepare students. Our Challenger Learning Center will provide greater access and opportunity to STEM experiences, and this partnership with Wayne State will help students save on tuition costs and time as they pursue a bachelor’s degree from one of Michigan’s most innovative four-year institutions.” 

“The demand for talented and innovative professionals in the STEM fields has never been higher, particularly in Michigan which has the fourth-largest engineering workforce in the country,” said Farshad Fotouhi, dean of the Wayne State College of Engineering. “This partnership with SC4 will strengthen the pipeline of students looking to become leaders in the high-tech marketplace, not only in Southeast Michigan but globally as well.” 

The institutions announced the partnership April 29 during a Challenger Learning Center at SC4 launch event. 

Prospective students can learn more about and apply to St. Clair County Community College online. Contact the SC4 team with questions at or 810-989-5571, or schedule an advising appointment online. 

Students who need help transferring to Wayne State can contact the Transfer Student Success Center at; set up a virtual advising appointment online at or visit to live chat with advisers from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays. 

Registration open for summer 2022 classes at SC4

Registration for summer classes at St. Clair County Community College is now open, providing a great opportunity for students of all backgrounds to earn valuable credits at a fraction of the cost of a four-year institution.

SC4 students continuing their education, guest students from other institutions and community members looking to take courses for personal enrichment are encouraged to browse the full list of available summer courses online at

Many courses that satisfy the Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements are available, covering a range of subjects.

Classes are available in accounting, business, computer information systems, English, history, math, music, psychology, sociology, welding and more.

Additionally, students looking to complete prerequisites for health science programs may enroll in courses such as human anatomy and physiology, and medical terminology.

Both online and on-campus courses are offered in varied lengths for students to create flexible schedules.

Summer semester begins Monday, May 16. Students can register with no down payment for summer classes through Friday, April 1. Students not currently enrolled can start the application process at Current students can register online through their student portal or on the SC4 mobile app.

To speak with an admissions representative about options, or for details on how to get started, call (810) 989-5571.

More than 1,300 SC4 students earn honors in fall semester

A total of 1,394 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2021 fall semester, which ended Dec. 17.

Students must complete at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2021 fall semester, ordered by hometown.

ALGONAC — Melissa Ambroggio, Jane Blair, Laura Buchs, Rachel Davis, Michael D’Eath, Cara Diss, Brenda Furtah, Danielle Gerow, Gillian Gordon, Bethany Grondin, Kevin Gryspeerd, Raven Gunnells, Mickenzie Heim, Jennifer Hobig, Miles Hojnacki, Jeremiah Jones, Anthony Jones-Kalich, Ashlee Juengel, Ciara Lane, Avery Mayne, Brandi McLaughlin, Rachel Metcalf, Mack Monier, Avryl Parker, Clare Reed, Sarah Rose, Madelynn Saddler, Anna Sampier, Jonathan Saums, Corey Strickland, April Sykes, Lexi Wagner and Chase Williams.

ALLENTON — Linda Bentz, Evette Beuschlein, Emma Horetski, Lauren Lynch and Seth Shellenbarger.

ALMA — Hunter Frisbie.

ALMONT — Maria Bussone, Ashley Kraft, Holly Meno, Hannah Schuchard and Timothy Wolf.

ANN ARBOR — Kallie Albert.

APPLEGATE — Onika Bishop, Dakota Chappel, Susan Gavagan, Owen Hall, Kristina Osborne and Edward Tubbs.

ARMADA — Kayla Campis and Nicole Sawitzky.

ATTICA — John Lindsey and Mason Wildie.

AVOCA — Carrie Ashbrook, Ava Asselin, Ezra Bartee, Levi Beaver, Max Bilinski, Alyah Cain, Caeden Clark, Jessica Fowler, Timothy Frantz, Caleb French, Parker Goodmen, Nathaniel Hamblin, Makenna Joppich, Emily Kean, Sarah Koch, Marissa Kurtz, Mason Lauzon, Amy Liebler, Devyn Mabry, MacKenzie McKean, Connor McLaughlin, Matthew Monaco, Alison Murray, Megan Opper, Nicholas Preston, Matthew Roberts, Alivia Salski, Alyssa Steele, Kyra Sutton, Payton Van Houtte, Maggie Whitehouse and Craig Wilder.

BAD AXE — Haley Hudson and Rebecca Reese.

BERLIN TOWNSHIP — Savanna Frank and Ashley Wampfler.


BROWN CITY — Wynn Blake, Alexander Carpenter, Amanda Eagle, Jerry Elston, Elizabeth Geiger, Joseph Gingell, Meghan Hillman, Samantha Jones, Grace LaBelle, Garrett Mabee, Morgan Mast, Chealse Miller, Tiffany Paschke, Peyton Prowse, Amber Trowbridge, Katelyn Vilas, Ella Waun, Charissa Webster and Eve Woodall.

BURTCHVILLE TOWNSHIP — Sherry Bevins-Castillo, Alexandria Burson, Alison Lacey, Christopher Lilly, Tyler Maxfield, Brooke Snyder and Christopher VanderPloeg.

CAPAC — Kali Anderson, Gracie Barker, Joselyn Batchelder, Morgan Bollaert, Stephanie Carrier, Anna Dalessandro, Abbie Ebner, Ashlynn Fistler, Reed Goddeeris, Clarissa Gottschalk, Cerenity Helzer, Kirsten Herndon, Jennifer Jones, Samantha King, William Landon, Ben Laskowski, Mary Marabate, Nikki Marabate, Grace McCarthy, Chelsey McKensie, Alayna Most, Aria Nealy, Isabella Perry, Matthew Perry, Jordyn Robinson, Abigail Shafer, Samantha Thelen, Hunter Tyson, Jordyn Wheeler and Dianna Zuniga.

CARSONVILLE — Kobie Down, Anna Hill, Amber Loeschke, Trisha Lusher, Allie Mueller and Justin Ritchie.

CASCO TOWNSHIP — Amanda Cielecki, Joey Corbat, Isabel Cox, Maggie DeWitte, Matthew Dittman, Anya Dugas, Robert Gorniak, Alexis Jarvis, Alyssa Johnson, Scott Kretzschmar, Morgan McConnell, Brianna Petrella, Alyssa Pollauf, Rachelle Reed, Annaleise Schocker, Cynthia Shurish, Clayton Spezia, Jessica Waelens and Megan Zuellig.

CHESTERFIELD — Jeffrey Byrum, Dawn Logan and Tina Maiuri.

CHINA TOWNSHIP — Gabby Dziedzic, Sarah Lohr, Aidan Petz, Nicholas Redinger, Haley Rittenhouse and Erica Schweihofer.

CLAY TOWNSHIP — Abby Azzopardi, Sarah Borunda, Tori Boyd, Lisa Burback, Mikaela Carmichael, Hunter Donnellon, Abigail Folkerts, Katie Gabriel, Jessica Golds, Lindsey Haubner, Tanya Hogan, Alicia Jarvi, Marianne Karos, Kristin Knockeart, Katlyn Koach, David Kret, Sophia Nash, Desiree Proctor, Alyssa Semaan, Jayden Siwila, Erin Sommers, Brianna Thomason, Daniel Wehby, Christopher Yax and Percy Ziolkowski.

CLIFFORD — Emma Albertson.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Natalie Conley, Autumn Gibson, Arianna Martin, Zachary Shumerski, Stephanie Vermeylen and Marta Walsh.

CLYDE TOWNSHIP — Madison Berg, Samantha Boughner, Richard Brettin, Garrett Butler, Megan Doan, Kyle Dunsmore, Evie Frazier, Cierra Goff, Hailey Gross, Molly Hillis, Emma Huston, Jordan Kelly, Ben Kuhns, Katelyn Leonard, Brandon Mack, Katie Marcero, Mariah Marone, Rebecca Maxfield, Tracy Morawski, Amber Olejar, Amanda Parsons, Carie Pena, Jaci Preston, Colleen Provost, Paige Rands, Amy Robtoy, Jordan Rowse, Gavin Schwentor, Adasyne Smith, Diann Smith, Leatha Smith, Riley Soulliere, Caitlyn Thomas, Skyler Warner, Sherry Wehrwein and Kayla Whiting.

COLUMBUS TOWNSHIP — Howard Benedict, Kimberly Berman, Lauren Bral, Allen Brioc, Braeden Bruyneel, Amber Delor, Megan Dombrow, Brooke Fantin, Seth Farmer, John Gross, Misty Johnson, Paul Jones, Dean Kalebjian, Andrea Koval, Charles Parker, Shawn Priess, Anna Roland, Kaitlyn Roland, Carrie Rush, Marla Tocco, Carlee Watson, Ethan Yore, Jake Zeeb and Kevin Zoeplitz.

COTTRELLVILLE TOWNSHIP — Kelly Bonam, Elizabeth Cremona, Ryan Hoggard, Karleigh Mistretta and April Storey.

CROSWELL — Hannah Caldwell, Jesse Clark, Susan Cornwell, Alicia Coronado, Joona Fenner, Rachelle Gentner, Ryan Griffin, Alicia Hanks, Nathaniel Hayslett, Katelyn Heiden, Michael Kahofer, Matthew Kerrigan, Jacqualin Krawczyk, Deagan Krohn, Trenton Livingston, Robert Loomis, Jayden McWhirter, Grace Navarro, Kassidy Nicaise, John Norton, Ashley Peyerk, Carla Reimel, Samantha Rennie, Jacob Smith, Sasha Snelling, Toryn Sontag, Gabriel Torrez, Jacqueline Wahl, Julia Wahl, Ashton Wimbury and Lauren Witham.

DECKERVILLE — Taryn Bowerman, Amaya Cortimilia, Naythan Gough, Andrew Kirchgessner, Timothy Rich, Christin Sample and Mitch Warczinsky.

DETROIT — Vicki Rose.

EAST CHINA TOWNSHIP — Miah Adams, Leann Allen, Jacob Ameel, Shelby Arnett, Stephen Baer, Jill Brown, Katherine Brozik, Megan Carnaghi, Ainsley Colman, Cole Cunningham, Nicholas Eggers, Elizabeth Ferrone, Ty Green, Lauren Hart, Logan Heaslip, Elliott Henderson, Paris Henderson, Jacob Hincherick, Nicole Hogan, Jessica Hopkins, Madel Humbert, Amy Jabe, Olivia Jovanovich, Preston Kodet, MacKenzie LaBuhn, Jordan Lamee, Cameron Land, Gavin Lang, Sydney Lewinski, Jared Liniarski, Delaney Lohr, Sierra Maloney, David Marshall, Nathan Metevia, Makenna Morse, Jody Nichols, Avery Osterland, Taylor-Rae Pastorius, Angelo Patsalis, Avery Rausch, Benjamin Rice, Danielle Richardson, Emily Robles, Renee Rogers, Kaitlyn Russell, Kylie Russell, Madison Rzeppa, Melanie Schindler, Paige VanSlambrouck, Isabella Volkman, Wyatt Walker, Whitney Whittaker, Susannah Woodruff and Cora Wright.

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EASTPOINTE — Melissa Savine.

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FOSTORIA — Keegan Bonesteel and Lillian Davis.

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GRAND BLANC — Stacy Baldwin and Brice Guthrie.

GRANT TOWNSHIP — Joleen Newton.

GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP — Emily Brunk, Nicholas Lundenburg and Nicole Strausser.

HARBOR BEACH — Brenna Bischer, Jamie Dunk, Dwayne Idnay, Tracy Joy Legaspi, Andrei Maungca, Samantha Pawlowski, Jared Pringle, Brendan Roberts, Rebecca Roggenbuck, Jay White and Paige Wolschleger.

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — Angela Abdoo, Madison Dunn and Kaitlan Milantoni.

HARSENS ISLAND — Joey Geck and Natalie Kapanowski.

IMALY CITY — Kylee Taylor, Emerald Anderson, Hailey Anderson, Jade Anderson, Zackary Dingwell, Jamie Hoffman and Katlyn Judd.

IRA TOWNSHIP — Michael Allen, Janet Bethuy, Scott Brichta, Melissa DuCasse, Maria Falleti, Emma Forest, Kaitlyn Panetta, Justin Prevost and Aiden Walker.

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MUSSEY TOWNSHIP — Dawn Chapman, Alexandra Dean, Daniel Laskowski, Leslie Rojas and Diane Sladowski.

NEW BALTIMORE — Casondra Sumpter and Dalton Walker.

NEW HAVEN — Brooke Berger, Lacrisa Jackson and Tamara Pryor-Ashworth.

NORTH BRANCH — Katrina Guldi, Davis Natke and Emily Parker.

NORTH STREET — Ashlyn Albert, Leigh Grimes, Destiny Harrison, Jonathan Heise and Heather Jacobs.

OXFORD — Zachariah Barrows.

PEARL BEACH — Shayla Avers.

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PONTIAC — Erika Turner.

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PORT SANILAC — Sheena Caudill, Olivia Espinoza, Liliana Grigg, Sarah Grosso, Kylee Johnson, Andrea Lowe and Tyler McClelland.

RAY TOWNSHIP — Mara Collins.

RICHMOND — Alexander Bowerson, Renee Duvall, Caleb Gaffier, Regina Long, Megan Malinowski, Maryann McLeod, Scott Obarzanek, Molly Ressler, Camille Schafer, Taylor Tomasino and Kennedy Walsh.

RILEY TOWNSHIP — Katherine Borgne, Shelby Enders, Aaron Gazley, Amanda Measel, Amanda Overly, Evelyn Scarbrough and Chelsea Szyska.

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SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Brendan Garant.

SMITHS CREEK — Bryce Collins.

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ST. CLAIR — Avery Aiello, Payton Aiello, Heather Ansell, Katelyn Baumgart, Brent Baysinger, Chase Carnahan, Fall Casali, Maci Chamberlin, Benjamin Charron, Isaac Chase, Lucas Chase, Jonathan Cheek, Alison Child, Christina Crawford, John Criger, Lucas Danko, Grace Dobat, Joseph Dobat, Samantha Dodson, Rebecca Donajkowski, Samantha Dupuie, Wendy Edgemon, Julia Edgington, Luke Eitniear, Erin Erwin, Randahl Feger, Autumn Fehn, Julie Felbarth, Aryn Fenner, Daniel Ferrone, Alexander Fielhauer, Natalie Fler, Alestair Frantz, Logan Fulks, Samantha Furlin, Shaina Goodell, Ethan Govaere, Kaylee Greaux, Mary Griskiewicz, Amelia Hamill, Amy Hampton, Lydia Hiller, Lauren Hogan, Jonathan Holstine, Cammie Houle, Mackenzie Howell, Christian Jones, Elicia Jones, Megan Jones, Megan Kammer, Sarah Kehoe, Samantha Kent, Ben Kleckner, Chad Kocsis, Makayla Kolakovich, Lauren Kramp, Annaliese Lamontagne, Lily Lemoine, Ava LiCavoli, Wren Lockwood, Nathaniel Luther, James Majeski, John Majeski, Rachel Malone, Madison Mattox, Falisha May, Zackary McCollum, Lauren McCown, Mackenzie McTevia, Rylee Melczarczyk, Pette Moore, Joseph Morgulec, Nicholas Murawski, Kaitlyn Murray, Katie Nickonovich, Riley Niemic, Kaitlyn Nowak, Mariah Ondrus, Nicholas Palazzolo, Lainey Pavlov, Katelynn Paynter, Sophie Pettinger, Joseph Phillips, Ella Potthoff, Theofanis Pozios, Grace Rancilio, Jeremy Ranshaw, Scott Rawson II, Sydney Raymo, Molly Reiter, Christian Reyes, Brenden Richards, Amanda Roberts, Kevin Rogers, Cora Rood, Drew Saunders, Amberley Sazehn, Brandi Schmitz, Julie Schulte, Joshua Shell, Danielle Sikora, Beth Smith, Catherine Smith, Lynnette Spafford, Trinity Stone, Zachary Sugars, Dylan Taube, Matthew Thomas, Samuel Tricomo, Avery Turner, Valerie Valpredo, Chloe Vance, Salvatore Vitale, Brittany Watts, Jessica Westrick, Emily Wheeler, Lucas Whittaker, Michael Wilkinson, Heather Woodman, Lauren Woznak and Haylee Zuehlke.

ST. CLAIR SHORES — Brittany Brahm and Ashley Looney.

STERLING HEIGHTS — Heather Richter.

TROY — Victoria Franz.

UBLY — Carly Flannery.

VASSAR — Connor Rayment.

WALES TOWNSHIP — Natalie Stroh.

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Alumnus Robert G. Sargent, Ph.D., establishes scholarship fund to support students pursuing engineering

Robert G. Sargent, Ph.D.

Future St. Clair County Community College students will benefit from a new endowment fund held at the Community Foundation thanks to a gift from Robert G. Sargent, Ph.D., an SC4 alumnus and professor emeritus at Syracuse University, to provide two scholarships each year to students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

“I attended SC4 in 1954 through 56 when it was Port Huron Junior College,” Sargent said. “I came from a working-class family and didn’t have any money to pursue an education at a university. I had decided to obtain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering because I enjoyed math and science in high school and had received several awards for my electrical projects in 4-H. Port Huron Junior College provided the opportunity I needed to get an outstanding education for the first two years of pursuing my engineering degree.”

Sargent is now known as a world-renowned pioneer and authority in simulation work, receiving many career awards and presenting at lectures in the United States and around the world.

He, along with his 1950’s SC4-to-U-M engineering alumni peers, recently visited SC4 and took a campus tour with Bonnie DiNardo, SC4 executive director of community and public relations.

“We hadn’t been to the college in years and were very impressed by the size of the campus and the technology being used, especially in STEM-based facilities such as the Health Sciences Building, the Experience Center and the Challenger Learning Center,” Sargent said.

He added, “None of us probably would have gone to college without SC4. There are endless possibilities in STEM careers—especially in engineering fields—and a tremendous need. People can have a great life, income and support. Community colleges like SC4 can continue to play a huge role, and scholarships can help students pursue such fields for years to come.”

Sargent has established The Robert G. Sargent Scholarship Fund through the SC4 Foundation held at the Community Foundation that helps SC4 engineering students with financial need who plan to transfer on to a university to further pursue their engineering education.

“Helping such a distinguished alumni, like Dr. Sargent, plan a major gift to the college was a pleasure. He knew exactly what he wanted to do for the students and I was happy to help him finalize a qualified charitable distribution that meant his gift was not only very meaningful and impactful but provided a tax savings for him as well,” said Jackie Hanton, Vice President for the Community Foundation of St. Clair County.

Sargent graduated from St. Clair High School after attending a one-room schoolhouse located in St. Clair Township where he was the only pupil in some of his grades. He was the first in his family to attend college.

While a student at SC4, Sargent participated on the tennis team, in Circle K, bowling and with the Letterman’s club—and worked multiple jobs to pay his college tuition. He also connected with a large group of about 12 like-minded students with whom he’d stay in touch throughout his lifetime.

Sargent earned an Associate of Science degree from SC4 before transferring to the University of Michigan where he roomed with fellow SC4 alumni. “All of us who went on from SC4 to U-M together were well prepared,” said Sargent, who continued to juggle jobs while a full-time U-M student.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, Sargent accepted a position at Hughes Aircraft where he received his first exposure to digital computers. He returned to school after two and a half years in the industry to pursue a Ph.D. in simulation.

After receiving his doctoral degree, Sargent joined Syracuse University to participate in their new Systems and Information Science graduate program. Shortly after his arrival, Sargent became involved in contractual research between the United States Air Force and Syracuse University. His work in simulation was sponsored by both institutions, creating an environment and relationship in which he could foster significant contributions to the field throughout his career.

“We thank Dr. Sargent for his generous gift to help SC4 students and for his continued advocacy of community college pathways for transfer students and degrees,” said Dr. Deborah Snyder, SC4 president. “SC4 alumni such as Dr. Sargent are doing remarkable work. His distinguished career in simulation has impacted countless individuals, here in Michigan and around the world.”

SC4 students can apply for the Sargent scholarships for engineers beginning in 2023. Selection will be based on financial need with a preference for students transferring to a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

The SC4 Foundation connects donors with opportunities to support St. Clair County Community College in whatever way fits their interests. Whether it’s supporting students, opportunities on campus or enhancements of learning spaces, the SC4 Foundation is proud to support our community’s college.

St. Clair County Community College and the Community Foundation bring to the area a combined 175 years of service to the community in education and philanthropy. Since 2018, the collaborative philanthropic partnership between the organizations allows donors to have an even greater impact on both SC4 students and the community.