Add, drop and late registration

Students may adjust their schedule with 100% tuition refund by dropping/adding courses during the established timeframes for each course, as listed below. Students are responsible to complete the appropriate drop/add procedure via Student Planning or in-person by the designated deadline dates. No refunds will be processed for drops processed after the established deadline.

NOTE: Students who register, then drop all courses for a term during the appropriate drop/add period, are responsible for paying the non-refundable student fee before registrations for future terms or requests for transcripts or diplomas can be processed.

Course LengthDrop/Add with a 100% Tuition Refund
16 weeks (Full Term Fall and Winter Semesters)5 calendar days from the semester start date
12 weeks (Full Term Summer Semester)5 calendar days from the semester start date
3 to 15 weeks5 calendar days from the start date of the class
1 day to 2 weeksFirst day of class

Course mobility clause

SC4 offers a course mobility clause for students. During the first three weeks of the semester, upon agreement of both instructor and student, the student may move to a higher or lower level of: Accounting, English, Math and Languages (French, German, Spanish). Contact your instructor for more detail.

Class withdrawal (period following drop/add and late registration)

Once the drop/add period (i.e. 100% refund) has expired, students may withdraw from classes by completing the process online, or in person. Students requesting withdrawal by the appropriate deadline will receive a final grade of “W.” The established deadline dates are listed below.

  1. Courses meeting 6 to 16 weeks: students may withdraw through the third to last Friday in the course (i.e. two weeks remaining in the course).
  2. Courses meeting 3 to 5 weeks: students may withdraw through the second to last Friday in the course (i.e. one week remaining in the course).
  3. Courses meeting 1 day to 2 weeks: students may drop for a tuition refund on the first day of the class. There is no withdrawal period.

Students who withdraw from a class may no longer attend the class and no tuition refund will be processed. Failure to formally withdraw from a class(es) may result in a grade of “E”. Injured or ill students unable to withdraw online should have a family member initiate the process by contacting the Enrollment Services office.

All students requesting a complete withdrawal of classes prior to the 60% date of the semester are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office to determine the impact that the Federal Return of Title IV Funds rule may have on their current and future financial aid eligibility.

Course cancellations

SC4 makes every attempt to run all classes; however, some classes must be cancelled due to low enrollment. Students whose class(es) have been cancelled will be notified as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to enroll in other available sections or see an academic advisor for assistance in selecting other class options. If students choose not to enroll in another section or a different class, they will be refunded the tuition for the cancelled class. Students are cautioned to check with the Financial Aid office to see if financial aid funding is affected if the cancelled class(es) is not replaced in a student’s course load.

Absence telephone line

The college has established a telephone line, (810) 989-5770, that students can call for class cancellations and faculty absences. The information on this line is updated throughout the day Monday through Friday and on Saturday by 7:30 a.m. SC4 also will use this line to inform students of college closings due to inclement weather. Faculty absences and college closure information also is available to students via