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Alumni Spotlight: Andrew St. Coeur

Andrew St. Coeur

Current or most recent title and employer?
Owner/Chiropractor; Core Performance Chiropractic P.L.L.C.

How did SC4 help prepare you?
SC4 allowed me to take college courses while figuring out what career path interested me the most. SC4 helped me determine what school would be the best to transfer to and made sure credits transferred. I always knew I’d be taking a post-graduate route, so it was a great advantage to study at SC4 while saving money on two years’ worth of credits. I also felt like I had matured personally during my two years at SC4 and felt more prepared when I transferred to MSU.

What do you like most about what you do professionally?
What I love most about my profession is being able to help people. Musculoskeletal problems affect us all at some point in our lives and sometimes it can be a serious problem that compounds over time. I really enjoy being able to team up with patients, to help them move better and to educate them on exercises or stretches that can reduce the chances of another flare-up in symptoms. While running a practice can be a demanding undertaking, it always feels worth it when patients start feeling better and achieve the goals they set on their first appointment.

Did you transfer on and earn other degrees? If so, what degrees and from where?
I graduated with my Associate of Science from SC4 in 2009 and then transferred to Michigan State University. In 2011, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2011. I moved to the National University of Health Sciences, just outside of Chicago, in 2012 and graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic in 2015.