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Alumni Spotlight: Lukas Bugajski

Current or most recent title and employer?
Marketing Coordinator at Ideal Contracting

How did SC4 help prepare you?
SC4 was a phenomenal starting place for me. I was able to take my time and figure out exactly what I wanted to pursue as a career, all while learning from some extremely talented professors. The small class sizes made my experience much more meaningful because I was able to truly connect with the faculty. Additionally, I took advantage of the 3+1 program that SC4 has with Northwood University, transferring most of my SC4 credits directly to Northwood. That program served as an efficient way for me to earn a great education while heavily saving on costs!

What do you like most about what you do professionally?
I enjoy being a part of a great company that positively impacts the world around it. As a marketer, I have the opportunity to show all of the great things we do as an organization.

Did you transfer on and earn other degrees? If so, what degrees and from where?
Once I heard about the 3+1 programs that SC4 had with many colleges/universities in the state of Michigan, I began to dig deeper to find out how this could benefit me. I eventually landed upon Northwood University and decided that it was the right choice for my education and future career. I graduated from SC4 with my associate degree in business, and I then went on to graduate from Northwood University with my B.B.A., majoring in marketing.