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College celebrates 64th edition of Michigan’s longest-running, student-led literary and arts magazine

St. Clair County Community College students were recognized for their work in the 64th edition of Patterns magazine, Michigan’s oldest literary and arts publication aimed at showcasing student writing talent and works of art.

Patterns is designed, proofed and published by SC4 students. Brandi Schmitz was the graphic designer for this edition, while faculty members Sarah Flatter, Jim Frank and Gary Schmitz provided direction and support to students.

Patterns is an opportunity to celebrate being creative and to recognize the unique talents of our next generation of artists,” said Flatter, professor of fine arts and graphic design at the college. “We congratulate all of those who contributed to the 64th edition of Patterns and honor their success while at SC4.”

The following students received awards:


  • Eleanor Mathews Award, writing — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett
  • Blanche Redman Award, poetry — Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township, for Is Everyone Okay?
  • Second-place poem — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett, for Vines
  • Third-place poem — Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township, for In a Single Moment
  • Kathleen Nickerson Award, essay — Max Kenny, of Fort Gratiot, for Nuclear Energy
  • Second-place essay — Daisi Dixon, of Emmett, for The Boy with Chocolate Curls
  • Third-place essay — Amanda Hurst, of Marine City, for Equality for All or Only for Some
  • Richard Colwell Award, short story — Gracie Graber, of Wales Township, for One Last Ride
  • Second-place short story — Maya Taylor, of Port Huron, for Mary de la Rosa and Mrs. Little
  • Third-place short story — Madison Mattox, of St. Clair, for Burning Fire


  • Patrick Bourke Award, art — Katsiaryna Trapashka, of Port Huron
  • First-place visual art — Cass Gordon, of Snover, for Dragon Fossil
  • Second-place visual art — Bryce Hurd, of Fort Gratiot, for Untitled
  • Third-place visual art — Katsiaryna Trapashka, of Port Huron, for The Intertwining of Time

Merit awards also were provided to students for having their work chosen for inclusion in Patterns:

Literary Selection of Merit

  • Makenzie Beauchamp, of Port Huron
  • Luke Eitniear, of St. Clair
  • Gracie Graber, of Wales Township
  • Makenna Joppich, of Kenockee Township
  • Breanna Sylvia, of Port Huron
  • Grace Woytta, of St. Clair

Arts Selection of Merit

  • Emerald Anderson, of Imlay City
  • Courtney Angebrandt, of Peck
  • Lauren Cooney, of Kimball Township
  • Acadia DeNault, of St. Clair
  • Isabella Perry, of Capac
  • JR McPhail, of Port Huron
  • Grace McCarthy, of Capac
  • Elaina Penn, of Port Huron
  • Brandi Schmitz, of St. Clair
  • Tessa Weingartz, of Imlay City
  • Phillip Winterbauer, of St. Clair

Production of Patterns is made possible by the financial support from St. Clair County Community College and SC4 Friends of the Arts. Copies of Patterns are available in Room 10, SC4 Fine Arts Building, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday or by calling (810) 989-5709. A digital copy is available to view and download at