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Getting ready for fall semester with math Professor Paul Bedard

Math is part of the curriculum for all SC4 students, no matter which program they choose. While some students are intimidated by math, Professor Paul Bedard helps make math fun as he absolutely loves teaching the subject! He is looking forward to seeing students in person soon and shares some insight to help them get ready for fall semester.

“Face-to-face teaching allows me to see the wrinkle of frustration between their eyes resolve into comprehension,” said Bedard. “I can’t wait to hear them excitedly debating ideas outside my office.”

SC4 offers math courses for all academic programs and skill levels, from review of basic operations, math literacy, foundations of math to intermediate and advanced courses like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and differential equations.

Professor Bedard shares that like many students, he initially struggled with math too. His approach to teaching is to help students see math not as a burden but as opportunity. “It’s not about being right or being fast, it’s about opening up, taking a risk, and making the universe give up its secrets.”

For Professor Bedard, teaching is the privilege of being part of so many intellectual adventures, discoveries, and moments of truth. “I love to encourage students to see past their fears and self-doubt and take a leap.”

His advice to new students is to take a moment, breathe, and realize this is the only time in your life when thinking, talking, reading, discovering, exploring, and experimenting will be your main job. “Question everything. Be bold. Have fun. Demand clarity and express yourself,” said Bedard.

One more reason for students to take his class — “I hand out free candy!”

Registration for fall semester is open at SC4 and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Bedard and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!