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Meet the high-flying, fun-having, SC4 Fieldhouse-opening Harlem Wizards

Harlem Wizards

The Harlem Wizards are coming to Port Huron on Monday, Oct. 3, to help open up the St. Clair County Community College Fieldhouse.

They’ll play a basketball game against a group of SC4 and community all-stars. It starts at 6:30 p.m., and tickets are $5 for students and $10 for general admission.

But you may be asking yourself, “Who are the Harlem Wizards?”

If you haven’t already tried googling it, we have your answer.

The Wizards specialize in “show” basketball. They mix humor with high-flying dunks and alley oops. They have a really good time while likely beating the pants off of whatever team has been assembled to play against them.

The dunking is sure to have you jumping out of your seat, as their extensive roster includes players such as Leon “Space Jam” Sewell.

But just for fun, here’s Space Jam doing something ridiculous.

But more than anything, they’ll be providing a show that the entire family can enjoy and will be talking about long after they leave town.

Take a scroll through their Twitter feed and the thing you’ll see more than anything else are smiling faces.

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