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SC4 receives $955,000 for Challenger Learning Center at SC4, Experience Center

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St. Clair County Community College (SC4) has received $955,000 in federal funds appropriated by U.S. Senator Gary Peters to support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning opportunities at SC4’s Challenger Learning Center and Experience Center.

Funds will be used to provide greater opportunities for valuable STEM-based experiences for learners of all ages.

“Many thanks to Senator Gary Peters and his staff for supporting SC4 and our efforts to encourage STEM learning in Michigan,” said Dr. Deborah A. Snyder, president of SC4. “Our state and nation need future leaders who are adept at understanding and solving the challenging problems of today and the future. SC4 will play an even greater role in preparing future leaders and innovators thanks to this support.”

Senator Peters and his staff recently toured the Experience Center and Challenger Learning Center.

“I’m proud to have helped secure this funding for the Challenger Center to encourage STEM learning for Michiganders of all ages,” said Senator Peters.“After visiting the Center and seeing the exhibits firsthand, I know this is a meaningful investment in St. Clair County and will provide invaluable learning experiences for its visitors.”

More than 2,500 people have visited the Challenger Learning Center at SC4 since it launched in April 2022. The Center provides visitors with a space-themed, simulated learning and role-playing experience that teaches them about STEM careers and cultivates problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.

Located in SC4’s Experience Center—which also is home to the Dr. Bassam H. Nasr Natural Science Museum, mineral and bird galleries, and health sciences virtual reality and dissection technology exhibits—Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is the only Center of its kind in Michigan and one of 40 Challenger Learning Centers nationwide and around the world.

Upcoming Experience Center and Challenger Learning Center at SC4 events and opportunities for learners of all ages include:

  • School field trips for half- or full-day STEM learning tied to national science standards.
  • Group missions and experiences – Book a group of 18-34 guests anytime!
  • Feb. 18 open mission – Book one or more seats on a mission and meet others who will join you on your flight!
  • March 11 SC4 STEM Fest – Register for this exciting event, which features 100+ hands-on experiences by SC4, with Michigan Technological University’s Mind Trekkers, the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and the Leslie Science & Nature Center
  • Summer STEM camp opportunities

“We’ve welcomed students, educators, superintendents, businesses and corporations, friends and residents from across Michigan,” said Kristin Copenhaver, SC4 chief marketing officer. “The feedback has been incredible. In fact, many guests are re-booking missions immediately after visiting!”

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