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TRIO Student of the Month: Ryan Waddy

TRIO Student of the month

My name is Ryan Waddy. Currently, I’m going through my second year here at SC4 and I try every day I’m here to make the best out of it.

Having graduated from Capac High School in 2016, sixth in my class, I guess I could say I did well there. Here? Same thing. Making the President’s Honors List both previous semesters should be a good sign that I’m succeeding. I’m now also a part of the Drama Club and am Secretary of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship here.

Outside of academia land, I enjoy anything that has to do with music; this includes listening, singing, playing instruments, studying, and even composing and arranging my own music, all skills I’ve been practicing for a number of years, some longer than others. Favorite styles of mine are jazz, a capella, country, easy listening, and contemporary Christian music.

I also love making videos on YouTube when I can, as well as watching cartoons, imitating voices, reading, occasionally writing, talking with people, going to church, and most importantly, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Allow me to elaborate:

Ever since I started coming to church three years ago, He has been at work in me, giving me so much hope when I wasn’t sure there would be any. During my first semester here, home life was a nightmare because of several situations going on in addition to moving preparations, getting to the point where I was glad to be anywhere but home. The fact that I didn’t have many friends here back then wasn’t helping. Cut to my second semester, I made friends with other like-minded people who were willing to listen to anything I had to say. My life has been getting better ever since then, even though I don’t often see said friends as much now. Thanks to all of this and thanks to God, I can’t show enough love for SC4.

After getting my two-year degree here, I plan on taking at least a year off or so to get my life back together before transferring to a four-year university. I’m not sure where I’m going at the moment (though I have several options open), but my degree will definitely have something to do with entertainment, though to what degree I’m not sure of. Right now, I’m enjoying my community college days and shall continue to do so until my degree comes.

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