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Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program

Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program

This program is for licensed health care providers who want to become registered nurses. The program is an accelerated course of study designed to expand upon previous education and experience. Students are expected to apply prior knowledge to all nursing courses.

Applicants must have a current unencumbered Michigan Practical Nurse or Paramedic license. Other Health Care Provider licenses will be accepted on a case-to-case bases. No certificates are accepted in place of State of Michigan licenses.

The Nursing Schools Almanac currently ranks SC4 as the 10th best nursing school in the Detroit metropolitan area among both two- and four-year institutions. It’s ranked No. 4 among community colleges in Michigan.

This link will take you to the current working catalog. On that page, you may also select other available catalog years from the drop-down menu located in the upper right.

Program Cost: Tuition and fees can be found on the Tuition page. Please note there are additional cost for books, uniforms, graduation pins, and the NCLEX exam/license application to consider.

Fall 2024 Admission Criteria

TypeWeightCriteriaDetailMaximum potential
Merit25%GPA (minimum 2.7)Courses include prerequisites and General Education courses: ADN 123/123L, BIO 272, ENG 100/101, ENG 102, PSY 180, HE 224, HE 101, HE 103, HE 106, HE 210, PS 1014
Merit25%Number of credits toward degreeCourses include: ADN 123/123L, BIO 272, ENG 100/101, ENG 102, PSY 180, HE 224, PS 101, HE 101, HE 103, HE 106, HE 21028
Merit50%HESI score averageMinimum score in all areas tested- 70 average score of five tested areas: grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, anatomy, and physiology. Critical Thinking is tested but is not part of the admission score.100
Meritn/aSC4 coursesIf seven of the prerequisites and general education courses are completed at SC42
Experiencen/aHealthcare experienceCurrent unencumbered Michigan LPN or Health Care Provider license. Provide evidence of work experience as an LPN or HCP from your most recent employer. Points for those employed within the last 24 months. Email resume or healthcare job experience to nursing 2

Admission criteria

PercentCriteriaDetailMaximum potential
25%GPA-Program prerequisites and general education coursesCourses include: ADN-203, BIO-272,
HE-101, HE-224, ENG-101,
ENG-102 , PSY-180, PS-101, HE-210
25%Number of credits toward degreePotential courses include:
Same as above.
50%HESI score (average)Average scores of 5 tested areas:
Grammar, reading comprehension,
vocabulary, math, anatomy
and physiology. Critical thinking
is tested, but NOT part of the
admission criteria.

Steps to apply for SC4 Nursing programs

  1. Apply to SC4
  2. Apply to a specific health sciences program
  3. Attend a mandatory group advising session (View upcoming dates and times below.)

Transition Nursing Group Advising Sessions

Attending a mandatory Group Advising Session is an important step toward attaining a nursing degree. Please choose the session(s) applicable to your goal and click on the applicable link below at the time listed. Please give yourself time to download and setup the Microsoft Teams app on your computer or device.

January 25, 202410 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams
February 20, 2024 5 to 6 p.m.Join Microsoft Teams
March 6, 202410 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams
March 6, 20245 to 6 p.m.Join Microsoft Teams
May 13, 202410 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams
August 8, 20243 to 4 p.m.Join Microsoft Teams
September 10, 20245 to 6 p.m.Join Microsoft Teams
November 20, 202410 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams

For academic programs leading to professional licensure

SC4 Health Sciences Programs prepare students for State and National exams leading to professional licensure. Please be aware that additional steps (background checks, applications, fees, etc.) may be required to apply for licensing in the state of Michigan or other states. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state if you are considering an academic program leading to a professional license. To easily find professional nursing licensure requirements (RN and APRN programs), please visit the website of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. and select the states/jurisdictions where you want to know their professional licensure requirements. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements in your state of residence.

Technology requirements

Following is the technology requirements for taking an online course at SC4:

  • A Microsoft Office 365 compatible laptop or PC with a webcam and microphone.
  • Minimum iOS to support the learning management system (LMS) Canvas and the lockdown browser for testing.
  • Reliable Internet access (dial-up supported, but Cable or DSL (Broadband) preferred)
  • Updated anti-virus software

Please refer to the Online Classes page to review supported browsers and a more detailed list of hardware and software applicable to different systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can check available testing dates and register online on The Pier. Testing is offered in the month of September on SC4’s Port Huron campus.

Use the following equation to calculate your admission criteria.

(GPA_________ x 25) x 0.25 =__________

((# Credits________ / 26) x 100) x 0.25=___________

(HESI average_________) x 0.5=____________

Total Pre-admission Score_____________

The closer your score is to a 100, the better your chances to be one of the top students. 
After the admission process has been completed, you will be informed by mail of your status and the qualifying score for the fall class.

Your Cumulative Score on the HESI will be used if needed for a tie breaker.

You will be notified of your acceptance/placement by the end of October for winter admission.

  • Each letter grade has a corresponding grade point. The GPA is calculated as follows: total grade points earned divided by the number of credit hours attempted = GPA. See example:
ClassGradeGrade pointsCredit hours Total grade points

Total: 25.4 divided by 7 = 3.62 GPA

See catalog for additional information.

All transfer credits required for the nursing program are evaluated by the Registrar. Transfer credit is granted based upon the number of credits earned at the transfer institution. For example, if your Introduction to Psychology transfer class was 3 credits, you will only receive 3 credits for the SC4 PSY-180 class, not the actual 4 credits earned at SC4. Likewise, if you completed a 4-credit-hour transfer Introduction to Political Science class, you will only receive the 3 credits earned in the SC4 PS-101 class and one general political science credit. However, only the 3 credits will apply toward the RN Admission process.

LPNs are eligible to take the NLN challenge exam. It is offered in April and November in the Testing Center.  LPNs must achieve a 75% or better on drug principles and effects. The challenge exam must be taken prior to the start of the program. You can check available testing dates and register online on The Pier. For further information call the testing center at (810) 989-5555.

Transition start date   5-year time limit completion date
Winter 2024Fall 2018 or later
Winter 2025Fall 2019 or later
Winter 2026Fall 2020 or later
Winter 2027Fall 2021 or later

Your most recent score must be at least a “C” grade. Therefore, if you are retaking a class for any reason and receive less than a “C” grade, the class will need to be repeated prior to applying for the nursing program.

Questions about HESI Testing?