Practical nursing

The practical nursing program prepares graduates to take the state exam to become a licensed practical nurse. This program prepares students to work in a variety of settings such as long-term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, doctor’s offices and home health care. Practical nurses assist physicians and registered nurses in the modifications of patient care plans, perform basic tests and assist with medications and other treatments. The program maintains a standard of 75% pass rate for all nursing courses. The first-time pass rates for graduates taking the state exam exceed the state and national averages. 

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This program may be eligible for funding assistance through MichiganWorks! Call 810-966-3300 for details.

Admission Criteria

Complete the Nursing Program Application (Health Sciences application).

The application deadline for the Practical Nursing Program has been changed to Sept. 1.

The LPN program at St. Clair County Community College has a competitive pre-admission score. The score is based on a point calculation of the following:

CriteriaDescriptionPoint calculation
GPA - overall
No rounding up on GPA
GPAs from more than one college will be averaged together
High School GPA will ONLY be used if no college classes taken
2.5 GPA required 
GPA          Points
3.8-4.0       25
3.5-3.7       20
3.2-3.4       15
2.9-3.1       10
2.6-2.8        5
2.5              0 (minimum required)
Points ____________
Recommended college classes
5 points for each of the 4 courses with B- or better
2 points for each of the 4 courses with C or C+ 
BIO-160 (or BIO 271/171 and 272/172)
Points ____________
HESI testing
HESI minimum score in each area - 70
HESI pre-admission test will measure reading comprehension, vocabulary, English and math
A & P will be tested, but not counted
Watch the Web site for dates (late April/May)
The English composite score and math score will be used for points 
English language composite score
91-100       6 points
80-90         5 points
75-79         4 points
Math score
96-100       5 points
91-95         4 points
86-90         3 points
81-85         2 points
75-80         1 points
Points ____________
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification
Three points for current CNA certification.
Must submit proof of current CNA certification with allied health application. 
CNAPoints ____________

Practical Nursing Group Advising Sessions

Attending a mandatory Group Advising Session is your first step toward attaining a nursing degree. Please choose the session(s) applicable to your goal and click on the applicable link below at the time listed. Please give yourself time to download and setup the Microsoft Teams app on your computer or device.

Wednesday, July 21, 202110 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams
Monday, Aug. 16, 20212 to 3 p.m.Join Microsoft Teams
Friday, Nov. 12, 202110 to 11 a.m.Join Microsoft Teams

For academic programs leading to professional licensure

SC4 Health Sciences Programs prepare students for State and National exams leading to professional licensure. Please be aware that additional steps (background checks, applications, fees, etc.) may be required to apply for licensing in the state of Michigan or other states. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state if you are considering an academic program leading to a professional license. To easily find professional nursing licensure requirements (RN and APRN programs), please visit the website of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. and select the states/jurisdictions where you want to know their professional licensure requirements. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements in your state of residence.

Technology requirements

Following is the technology requirements for taking an online course at SC4:

  • A Microsoft Office 365 compatible laptop or PC with a webcam and microphone.
  • Minimum iOS to support the learning management system (LMS) Canvas and the lockdown browser for testing.
  • Reliable Internet access (dial-up supported, but Cable or DSL (Broadband) preferred)
  • Updated anti-virus software

Please refer to the Online Classes page to review supported browsers and a more detailed list of hardware and software applicable to different systems.

Frequently asked questions:

Since it is a competitive process, it depends on the number of students and their overall scores.  The top candidates are admitted.  The maximum number of points an applicant can earn is 56.

You can use the ADN HESI score only if taken at SC4 during the same calendar year. Requests to transfer HESI score must be made in writing to the Health and Human Services office. SC4 does not accept transfer of HESI scores from other colleges.

Contact your academic advisor at (810) 989-5520.

Application deadline 
Five-year time limit
Sept. 1, 2018Spring 2013 or later
Sept. 1, 2019Spring 2014 or later
Sept. 1, 2020Spring 2015 or later
Sept. 1, 2021Spring 2016 or later

Questions about HESI Testing?