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Michigan Reconnect

Michigan Reconnect is a last-dollar scholarship program that pays for you to attend your local community college, tuition-free for in-district residents; the program pays a reduced tuition amount for out-of-district residents. You can use the scholarship to complete an associate degree or a certificate program.

Who’s eligible

  • Those 21 years old and older – just expanded!
  • Have lived in Michigan for a year or more
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have not yet completed a college degree (associate or bachelor’s)
  • Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements or at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA in your registered courses while receiving Reconnect.

The maximum eligibility time frame for Reconnect is four years.

How to apply for Reconnect

  1.  Apply for Reconnect.
  2. Submit a FAFSA application for financial aid, including submission of any additional documents that are requested. SC4’s FAFSA Federal School Code is 002310.
  3. Register for classes (minimum of 6 credit hours) at SC4.

For additional support, send an email to or call (810) 989-5530.

Important information regarding coursework and next steps

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to ensure proper registration, particularly if your plan includes developmental courses in math and/or English.

It’s never too late

An education beyond high school opens the door to many new personal and career opportunities, including higher wages. Michigan Reconnect can help you get there – may be even tuition-free.


more per year in earning with a two-year degree


of Michigan jobs will require education beyond high school

Reconnect is a last-dollar scholarship program, which means that any Pell grant or tuition-restricted funds are applied to your tuition and fees bill first, with Reconnect paying what is not covered. If you don’t qualify for a Pell grant or tuition-restricted funding, Reconnect will pay up to the in-district tuition and mandatory fee costs.