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Creative director credits SC4 for helping develop his creative passion

Like many high school graduates, Jeffrey DeLange was not quite sure of his career path when he graduated from Algonac High School and enrolled at St. Clair County Community College in 1989.

“I was interested in being creative but did not really have a career path,” he said.

At SC4, DeLange took classes from a number of professors who helped him understand his interests and prepare for his next steps.

“My graphic design and fine arts professors helped in the development of my creative passion,” he said. “They also helped me with two years of portfolio preparation.”

DeLange earned an associate degree from SC4 and transferred to the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit in 1991. He graduated from CCS in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in industrial design.

Since graduating from CCS, DeLange has served in a wide array of creative roles, including senior industrial designer, creative director and an adjunct faculty design instructor. He currently serves as creative director for the George P. Johnson Co. where he helps power brand experiences.

“I have helped steer the ship on many creative challenges throughout my career that include tradeshow, event and auto show experiences,” DeLange said. “I have led several creative projects that have taken me to international locations to understand the brand, strategy, product and marketing objectives for large electronics and automotive companies. I am extremely passionate about design and innovation, and foster working in team environments.”

Having achieved great success in the creative space, DeLange clearly has found his calling—something he credits in large part to SC4.

“For any student interested in pursuing the next level of education but are truly not sure what or where that education will lead them, I would highly recommend community college to help build a better understanding of education and professional goals,” he said.