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SC4 alumnus and former Skippers baseball player excelling at Lourdes University thanks to involvement at SC4

Nick Forsberg made the most of his time while attending St. Clair County Community College.

Nick ForsbergThe 2017 Cros-Lex High School graduate enrolled at SC4 in August 2017 and spent two years getting involved on campus. He played collegiate baseball, served as Student Government vice president, worked as a student ambassador and even started a fishing club to meet other students, pursue his passions and develop lifelong skills.

“My most memorable experiences at SC4 happened when I got involved,” Forsberg said. “The SC4 baseball coaching staff played a huge role in my success. Coordinator of Student Activities and Services Sherry Artman was always willing to help anybody and was a mentor on many of my projects around campus. James Welch was always helpful at the One-Stop with a smile on his face. Vice President of Student Services Pete Lacey was very influential and taught me people skills. And Criminal Justice Professor Jim Jones was a huge role model for me.”

Forsberg also spent a great deal of time in downtown Port Huron, eating at local restaurants and frequenting local businesses.

“SC4’s location provides ample opportunities for students to explore a downtown environment,” Forsberg said. “Not many community colleges – or universities for that matter – offer that same sense of location, community, energy and support.”

According to Forsberg, his numerous SC4 experiences helped prepare him to transfer to an out-of-state university.

“Many classes and experiences at SC4 are huge building blocks for bigger institutions or larger environments,” said Forsberg, who pitches for the baseball team and has started another fishing club at Lourdes University. “I’m grateful to SC4 and community colleges in general for all they do for students. They are the life of a community and help students build knowledge, acquire skills and develop relationships.”

Along with his love for baseball and fishing, Forsberg is passionate about pursuing work that helps people. He majored in law enforcement at SC4 and is now majoring in sociology of criminal justice at Lourdes University. He hopes to have a long career working in law enforcement and also has plans to become a fishing charter captain.

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